The MOST Innovative Thing You Can Do As An Influencer

Dec 23, 2020

I was recently working with a client that is a Google executive here in New York and we were talking about what makes businesses really innovative.

We talked about the clients that Google has, where they’re at, what they’re doing, and who is at the forefront of being the most successful in what they’re doing.

What he said, without a doubt, is that the companies that are most innovative, that are growing the quickest, that are seeing the most success are the companies that are digitally nimble.

They are making an effort to take everything that they do online.

They are working with Google to figure out how they can be more successful and serve more people.

They are working with Google to make more money and have a large influence on the world.

Even though this is at a large enterprise scale, they’re taking digital and are making sure that everything they do is aligning their company to have a system around everything they do and automate as much as they possibly can.

The Benefits of Being Digitally Nimble

By being digitally nimble and working towards that is because it’s cheaper, it’s quicker, and it’s more efficient.

This is exactly what I teach my students in the organized influencer academy. It’s what I teach you guys in all of these videos I put out.

If you put everything online, if you have a system and a process for everything that you are doing, that is what is going to make you more successful.

Success is inevitable, it’s going to happen because you’ve already started to see success in your influencer business.

You have your blog up and running, you’re tweaking things as you go, and you’ve already seen some success. You know more is going to come. It is inevitable.

This allows you to ramp up really quickly and be ready for when that success comes knocking at your door and you have a large project.

I recently had a big project and because of the systems I have in place for my business, I was able to hire four new people in one week and the process was easy!

I was able to ensure I could handle the project and get it done, and it’s now going to lead to really cool things.

Preparing Yourself for Success

If you don’t prepare yourself for that success that is going to come, you’re going to be pulling your hair out and working crazy hours.

Whether you have team members to help you or not, without a system or plan to help keep organization in place for all aspects of your business, there will be feelings of overwhelm.

By realizing how crucial it is to have this organization, it’s easy to implement new processes and systems for opportunities and obstacles that come your way.

If your business isn’t nimble and you have paperwork all over the place, if you have your to-do list written on a sticky note here and a planner there, maybe some notes on your iPhone - that’s not something that is scalable.

You can’t bring on other people and work on large projects with brands if you have your stuff everywhere.

It definitely isn’t going to work now and it’s not going to work to scale your business.

Being prepared for the success that you are going to see is going to make that transition so much easier.

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. It will take time. You’re going to have to invest the time and the effort to create these systems and make sure you have order in your business.

I promise though, it’s well worth it for your business and your sanity.

What the Top Enterprise Clients at Google are Doing

These top enterprises are the most successful when they’re quickly accepting that they need to go digital in everything that they have, that they need to create systems and processes around all of it.

Technology is ever changing.

We have this great opportunity for the time that we’re in. Technology has changed so much since blogging started.

There are now so many tools and things you can do to make your life easier and that is what these huge enterprise companies are doing by working with Google.

They are making sure they are prepared for the success that’s going to inevitably come.

And just because we’re talking about these big enterprises that are working with Google, this information still applies to you as a business owner and having a small business.

The technology and scale may be different, but the concepts are the same.

Always cheering you on,


Creator of the Smarter Not Harder: 3-Day Workweeks for Millennial Entrepreneurs©  Program

Owner + Founder, Kate Waldo + Co. 

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