About Kate Waldo + Co. 

Kate Waldo Jones is a seasoned Professional Organizer, the Founder of Kate Waldo + Co., and the Creator of the Pro Organizer Success Kit and the Profit Accelerator System©.

Her entrepreneurship journey started with a professional organizing business based in her hometown of Savannah, GA, which she grew into a 6-figure business with operations in 3 different cities. 

She has always had an eye for order and the most effective way to organize and streamline a system, task, or process.

Along with her professional organizing business and lifestyle blog, she helps Entrepreneurs and Professional Organizers across the world 3X the income from their current content without added work so they have time to be more creative.

"Let's work smarter, not harder."

She has partnered with brands like Pro Organizer StudioThe Blog SocietiesThrive Together BlogTalking InfluenceYour Social Team, and the ALT Summit.


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