The Biggest Misconception About Being Organized

Nov 25, 2020

Are you one of those people that says “I’m just not an organized person”?

Being organized is not something that just happens overnight and is permanent.

Being organized is something that you have to constantly work on so you can train your brain to be more efficient.

Overtime, you’ll start to learn habits and tricks you can do to make your life easier and so you can maintain the organization, systems, and order that you’re putting in place.

As a creative, bloggers tend to feel like they have to either be organized or be creative, but never both, especially if organization does not come to you naturally.

This is not the case!

When you are more organized, you can be more creative because you have that headspace around you to feed your creative drivers.

By being organized and having systems and order in place, you can spend less time working but still get the same amount of work done.

Organization & Your Blog

Think back to when you first started your blog. If you use Wordpress, how confusing was it the first time you learned about plugins? What about when your plugin would fail and your site was down?

Overtime, you learned how to fix these issues and learned about Wordpress plugins so it isn’t as scary the next time it happens.

Just like anything you do, the more you work on it, the more you improve.

As you start putting systems in place for your business, it takes you less time to get tasks completed. You become more efficient. And overtime, you become more organized.

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