How To Stay Ahead of the Curve in the Blogging Industry

Dec 17, 2019

When it comes to staying ahead of the curve and keeping up with industry trends, the content you publish and the types of campaigns you’re working on will be impacted. 

Something you might not think about is the big companies that are on the cutting edge of what is happening, especially in the digital and marketing world, is that they’re staying in your face by having lots of different touch points.

It may be in your Instagram feed, it’s on the browser of every website that you visit, it’s on Facebook, it’s everywhere. They are constantly communicating with you. 

The point is that they’re creating a cohesive customer experience across every touch point that they have with you.

How Do We Provide a Cohesive Brand Experience as Bloggers?

You don’t want someone to follow you on Instagram and love your aesthetic and everything you talk about and then go to your website and get a totally different brand experience. 

If someone gets a different brand experience from you on each of your platforms, it can be confusing and they are less likely to continue to engage with you on multiple different platforms and in different ways. 

They won’t be able to form that true relationship with you because they’re confused.

What do you do? What is your niche? What do you talk about? What is your area of expertise?

The goal is to have every touch point and every platform that you have to be cohesive and makes sense. 

Yes, you can have varying content across your Instagram, YouTube channel, and blog, but the main goal is to ensure it is cohesive and it makes sense. 

Being organized and having a plan for how you are going to execute this and keep all of your content streamlined and similar so your followers know what to expect from you is crucial. 

Want to learn more about the organization, systems, and automation I talk about in this video?

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