Affiliate Links vs. Sponsored Content: Which to Systematize First

Apr 22, 2020

Are you ready to scale your blogging business and create a great impact with your influence? You need to have the right systems in place.

I’ve recently noticed a theme in the Facebook groups that I’m part of when it comes to the affiliate links that bloggers and influencers are using.

People are talking about organization, batching content, all of these things to work smarter not harder.

While people are thinking in the right direction, it got me thinking about affiliate links versus brand partnerships and sponsored content. 

Affiliate links can be extremely profitable for bloggers. You can easily put a link on your blog or on your swipe up on Instagram Stories and you don’t have to do too much more than that to get the cash into your bank account, which is awesome. But there’s one issue.

You don’t own that affiliate code and a brand can take them away completely or decrease them whenever they want, and that will affect your bottom line.

Working on Sponsored Content

I want you to first focus on sponsored content before focusing on affiliate links.

This is going to be content you are creating for a brand or business that you are being paid to do in a lump sum.

The reason you want to do this is because as a content creator, this is content that you own, Nobody can say that you can’t make content anymore.

You own the content and it’s your content to produce and put out there in the world.

Creating Systems Around Content Creation

Since sponsored content for brands brings in more income than affiliate links would, you’re going to want to create systems so you can grow and scale it over time.

Think bigger than your plan ahead, batch ahead plan that you have been relying on for your business.

Instead, systematize the process for creating content that you can turn into sponsored content and can work brand partnerships around.

It ends up being a mindset shift of your time versus money and maximizing that ratio.

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