Building a Team + Streamlining Your Business Life

May 03, 2021

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Kate Waldo Jones is a woman of many hats and in addition to Kate Waldo + Co., she is also the owner and lead organizer of Orchid Organizing. Now, with three locations (Atlanta, Savannah, and New York) and numerous organizing teams, Kate is running a successful 6-figure business in addition to teaching others how to streamline the admin side of things in their businesses.

Whether you’ve been running your organizing business for six months or 10 years, having the resources to help you build a team of organizers and be able to streamline the business side of things will help you grow your business and be successful.  

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Automation in Your Organizing Business

One of the points that Kate touches on while speaking with the Pro Organizers Studio Podcast team is the importance of automation in your business. By implementing automation in her business, Kate was able to build her team and expand into multiple states, while still providing an exceptional customer experience.

As a professional organizer, it can be time-consuming to be answering emails, sending contracts, and invoicing clients, but by implementing automation, it’s easier to balance it all. Imagine how great it would be to be able to quickly send an already crafted email to a potential client for them to book a consultation, while you’re in the middle of a job and it only takes a few seconds?!

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This is where Kate comes in - she teaches professional organizers exactly how to automate the business side of things and build a team so all you have to worry about is implementing everything you’ve learned.  

Listen to the podcast episode.

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