We're back! What's new at Kate Waldo + Co.

Oct 11, 2022


I'm so happy to be back on the podcast this week!

If you’re new here (hi there 👋), I’m a proud, efficient business owner whose *not to subtle* obsession is helping millennial entrepreneurs scale their business with simple systems.⁠

I help business owners get back to being able to utilize the free time that they intended to create when they started their business in the first place.


In this episode we talk about:

[00:37] What we do and who we serve here at Kate Waldo + Co

[02:26] How getting COVID changed my view of productivity in my business

[03:40] Going face to face with what systems and automations were working, not working or non-existent in my business

[05:14] What 3 day workweeks means to me

[06:10] Orchid Organizing getting Best of the Bay

[07:01 ] Getting super host status with the Lux on Lakeview Airbnb

[08:27] What we’re working on next for Kate Waldo + Co

[14:55] What the free Business Health Check Quiz is and what it can do for you


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Kate Waldo + Co Programs:

Smarter Not Harder

Airbnb on Autopilot

Pro Organizer Success Kit


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