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Automate Your Entire Client Workflow,

Start & Grow Your Organizing Team

& Remove Yourself From Working On-Site



Hey Pro Organizer, I'm Kate!

I'm spilling my secrets because, like you, I had dreams of not only building a team for my professional organizing business but also being able to remove myself from working on-site...

I wanted to have the flexibility to take days off, have multiple jobs happening simultaneously, and open my organizing business in new locations all without burning out.



Wanna know something CRAZY? 

Although automating your processes, growing your team, and removing yourself from on-site work may seem daunting and difficult... it is actually not that complicated and I'll show you how simple it can be!




The Pro Organizer Success Kit

presented by Kate Waldo + Co. 


Spend less time doing all of the administrative work while still giving our clients the highest level of customer service and attention. This is how you get your admin time down to 4 hrs/week!

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The exact steps to findinginterviewing, hiring, and working with team members as a professional organizer. Then grow your organizing income to 6-figuresexpand to new cities, and take on larger projects without actually having to be on-site.

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How to create, schedule, and automate 6+ months of social media content in 6 hours specifically created for Professional Organizers. Free yourself from the social media hamster wheel!

Only available in this bundle!


The Pro Organizer Success Kit

Teaches You How To:


Create a well-oiled machine out of your Professional Organizing business...


So that you can actually ENJOY all the perks of being an entrepreneur!


With this course bundle, you'll have access to an expert professional organizer with

✨ Thousands of hours of experience✨

✨A 6-figure professional organizing business ✨

✨Teams operating in 3 separate cities...✨


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