Why You Need a Dedicated Workspace as an Influencer

Feb 28, 2019

Hey there!

Have you ever thought about where you work during the day? 

Being a work-from-anywhere #bossbabe is incredible when you can make your own schedule and grab coffee with a friend on a Tuesday at 10AM. However, you shouldn't be working in the same physical space as where you relax. Your mind taps into your physical surroundings - meaning you'll still feel like you're in "work mode" when you lay down on the couch to binge Netflix at night if you were sitting in that same spot working earlier that morning.

Make a space in your house where you'll work and do nothing else there. It can be as simple as a chair, it doesn't have to be a whole office space! You'll be shocked at how much more relaxed you feel when you put your laptop away and move to another part of the house.

When it comes to being the most effective when you are working, make sure to clear all of the clutter from around your work area. As an Influencer, your main job is to be creative and it's hard to be creative when you're distracted by all the items around you. So make a clean-sweep of your surroundings before you sit down to work. You'll be so much more productive when your laptop is the only thing you have to focus on! 



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