What is Kate Waldo + Co.?

Dec 19, 2022

Welcome to Podcast Episode 31: What is Kate Waldo + Co.?

In this episode I'm sharing an interview of myself on a business friend's podcast. I think it’s a really good insight into who I am and what Kate Waldo + Co. as a business is all about.

But most of all, it’s about how I help you with those 3 day workweeks because I just want to show you what’s possible for your life.

I want more friends with me in this 3 day workweek lifestyle where we can work our businesses when we want to where we’re not employees of our business.

We are truly owners of our business.

So I hope you enjoy this interview and it gives you some insight into Kate Waldo + Co.!



In this episode we talk about:

[00:00] Intro

[02:09] How I help people and typical challenges that six figure entrepreneurs face

[04:50] Where six figure entrepreneurs tend to get stuck

[06:59] Steps to creating a 3 day workweek

[10:05] Why people don’t prioritize a comfortable work/life balance


Resources mentioned in episode:

Smarter Not Harder: https://www.katewaldoandco.com/smarternotharder




Valuing your own life balance is what will drive you to finally stop the "hustle" and stop being a slave to your business. Having a 6 figure business and scaling it CAN be fun and doesn't have to feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. All you have to do it decide what you want your life to look like, and make sure your business aligns with that from all directions.


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Hey, welcome back to the Three Day Work Weeks podcast. I'm Kate, and today I am going to be playing for you an interview of me on Jamie Atkinson's podcast. The reason that I'm sharing this with you is because I think that it is really good insight into who. I am what this business is all about.

But most of all, how I help you with those three day work weeks because I just wanna show you what is possible for your life. I want more friends with me in this three day work week life where we can work our businesses when we want to. We are not. Employees of our business. We are truly owners of our business.

So I hope you enjoy this interview and it gives you some insight into what Kate Waldo and Co is, what we do and how we help you. And if you have any questions, email us at support at kate waldo and co.com or you can shoot us a dm, but email's best. So let's get into it.

 Hey guys, What's up? Welcome back to Six Figure Podcast Rebels. I'm here today.

 You've got me, Jamie instead of Brittany for a change because sometimes I like to come in and do cool, awesome podcast interviews and it's my show so I can do what the heck I like. Isn't that fun? So my guest today is actually a super exciting guest because not only is she somebody that does amazing things with her business, she really pioneered the idea of using systems to help six figure entrepreneurs really have a proper three day work week, not just Regular, typical shorter work week that some people talk about a legit three day work week.

And I'm excited to bring her on the show because not only is she a friend, but she's also a past client who has come through some of our processes with creating podcasts. And so she's got probably some really good insights to share about systems, the podcasting, and how this has worked entirely for her.

So please welcome my amazing efficiency expert and lovely guest, Kate Waldo Jones. Kate, how are you doing? Welcome to the.

Hi, I'm great. How are you?

Doing very well, so Kate just to get us started and jumps right into the interview tell us a lot of people talk about shorter work weeks. They talk about this idea of freedom and I think that a lot of entrepreneurs truly struggle with this.

It's what a lot of them want. They have this challenge in their mind where they feel like their to-do list is always going. There's never enough time. They are not enough and not able to complete the things that's going on. So talk to us a little bit about how you help people and, also what do you see are these typical challenges that six figure entrepreneurs are facing when they want this?

Yeah, so when you step into the entrepreneurial world, you're all excited cause you get to make your own schedule and you're your own boss and you can take days off if you want to. And then your to-do list stacks up and up and up and there's a million to-do lists and they're all over the place and they're on your phone note, they're your iPhone notes and they're in like Evernote and they're maybe written on a piece of paper somewhere and it's all over the place.

And bringing everything together. While also doing all the aspects of the business, the marketing, the bills, the Social media, the client interaction, actually delivering the product or service that you're trying to do, it all just adds up so much. And to get to that six figure point you, you have got to have already created some type of systems in your business.

There's no way you could get to that six figures without it, but you probably still are. In the trenches at least a little bit in your business. And so where my sweet spot is, removing you from the day to day of your business so that you can, a three day work week is what we talk about. But you can make that look however you want.

If you wanna couple hours, five days a week, totally fine. If you wanna do two 12 hour days. That also works however you want it to look, but really being able to reclaim that free time that you were going after in the beginning of why you probably started your business. Hopefully you also had a, strong passion for what you do.

We don't really work with anyone who's not super passionate and inspired in what they do, but. You also had that dream and that aspiration of having that flexibility and free time to spend your time however you want, work on special projects, spend time with your family, hang out with your friends, travel, whatever that is.

So that's our sweet spot of what we really like to do and help entrepreneurs get to, especially in that, range.

And I think it's so important because a lot of us, we really struggle and you're dead, right? What happens is what got you to six figures was you doing everything, and unfortunately, that is also what holds you back from growing to the next level and really getting to a.

Multiple six figures or seven figures is really about leverage and that looks like systems and teams and processes that kind of go in place. And so I'm, so excited to talk about this topic because it's a big thing that we focused a lot in our own business in the last couple of 12 to 18 months in terms of helping us to try and grow.

Where do you see the biggest sort of belief or challenge when people are coming in at this level? Where, do you find that they get stuck the most? Delegating

and offloading and trusting that process, cuz you've probably done a little bit of it. You, would've, It's very challenging to get to six figures without having anyone ever help you on anything at all.

But it's probably still a big challenge for you. So you don't know who to trust, what to tell them to do. You also are in that loop, that hamster wheel of. It would take you much more time to teach someone how to do the thing than for you to just do it yourself. So you just do it yourself, and then they don't have anything to do, and then they're sitting there twiddling their thumbs, like, Why am I here?

I don't feel like I'm helpful, and this is not fulfilling at all. So that would probably be the biggest trap that I see.

And people say that all the time, like I've heard that so many times, Oh, it would just take me too much time to go in and train somebody else to do this. And to just do it myself.

And I think it's, interesting because for me, I see that as two challenges. It's one, maybe your stuff is too complex and maybe you need to simplify it. Two, you need to obviously sit down and make a system. But thirdly, sometimes people just aren't hiring good quality people. I'm sure you probably agree with this, Kate, like what makes a great system is a great operator at the same time, and a lot of the time I'm, since I've started hiring more a player, people, we co-create systems.

I'm not always the person that is doing that. What, would you say is the sort of steps or processes that people need to go through in order to be able. Create this three day work week for themselves if they have a six figure business.

Yeah. First, creating the vision. What do you even want?

Because you aren't gonna, you're gonna ha struggle a lot more to create that three day work week or create that, whatever your dream life is, if you don't even know what it is, how do you, get to point B if you don't even know what point B is? So creating that vision for yourself of what does your ideal.

Life look like and then breaking that down backwards to your ideal month, week, day, and how do we create that Then it's really doing a collecting of all the things this is. So I started just a little bit of background. I started in the entrepreneurial world as a professional organizer. And organizing people's homes, businesses, the actual physical items in them.

And then it took me into the systems and operations side of things, which I love so much. Metaphorically collecting all the items together and sorting them out, and then deciding what do you keep, What do you toss? What do you offload to someone else? Because like you talked about, you can create all of the systems in the world, but if they're complex systems that are very challenging to follow.

Or they are totally unnecessary systems that don't even get you to your end goal. It just doesn't matter. Like we were talking about on my episode when you were on my podcast about like social media, particularly Instagram, what is, what are you doing it for? Like to what end? If you don't even know with something like that, it shouldn't be on your to-do list.

Same thing with the bigger vision of your life to what end, what make sure that you're headed on a path that you actually wanna be on. But, so we can, we collect everything, we declutter and figure out where things need to go, and then we create systems around what's left. But really simple systems, things that my dad, who has never been on social media doesn't know what the difference between all the social media platforms are.

And not super tech savvy, that he could come in and read step by step or watch step by step the workflow that you put together and go through that process very easily. Or we can off, we can offload to technology that is really smart technology that never alienates a customer or client. They always feel really seen, heard, appreciated, loved.

That's my favorite.

I like it. Yeah. You gotta make people feel seen and loved. And similarly, sometimes a lot of people's tech does the opposite. It repels them and it makes them feel worse. If you don't have the system set up correctly. Kate, in terms of building these processes out why do you think so many people have that sort of hesitancy or, worry about it?

Is there a little bit of fear that's there? And why do people not prioritize trying to get themselves to a comfortable work life balance?

I think that often, most often it's that people don't even know what's possible because every culture is different, but especially in America we have students all over the world, but especially in American society, there's so much glory put on hard work and.

I don't really believe in hard work. I don't really believe in hustle. I believe in putting in work, putting in time. I absolutely do. There's no way that you can create something without effort and energy into something. But does, everything have to be hard? Always. Absolutely not. So that's where I think I see most people get caught up is they're, at that six figure mark and they're trying to figure out how can we sustain this and grow it without me as a person falling apart and.

They, just get overwhelmed with I have to do the work. And don't get me wrong, I get in that too where I'll say my job for the day is to go to the beach and work out and if I feel like putting up some Instagram stories, I can do it. I still have voices in the back of my head that are like, You should be working.

You need to be working harder whatever. But reframing that working smarter and not harder, you can be shifting that with the intention of that. You get to be in alignment with your true purpose, and you can serve people so much better that way. You can't serve people well when you're all over the place and you're spread so thin and you have a million responsibilities.

Yeah. I think that's super important. And I think if you enjoy your life and you enjoy the things you do, and work isn't a chore, it's something that you get to do as opposed to your forced to do it every day and it causes a lot of pain in your life and you're a lot more refreshed and you're a lot more excited to do it, and that allows you to be able to accomplish more as.

Yeah. And that's funny that you say that in that way because now our, one of the metrics with my team is, ha having fun. And so the, at the top of the funnel for me is creating these video podcasts and having fun. That's my goal. That's what everything that we're trying to do is all about. So it's cool how this podcast program ties into that to where, because I know that I can show up the best when I'm having fun and I'm just doing the things that I truly want to do, and that's absolutely possible for every


Yeah, I love that. I love that a lot. Kate, if somebody wants to understand about what the next step. That they can take to reclaim this. They're sat here listening to this and they're like, Oh my God, you're so right. I am drowning right now. I'm beginning to hate my business. I really want to get more of that three day work week or adjusting how I do things.

What's the best way that they can get help in figuring out how to accomplish that?

If you want help, we've got tons and tons of free content. So listen to our podcast, The Three Day Workweeks for Millennial Entrepreneurs. Go there, binge that they're short episodes, short and sweet, so you get a feel for how we do things.

And then we have our program smarter, not harder. That if you're interested in that you can find all about that on our website, Kate waldo and co.com.

I love it, Kate. And just for context, for anybody that wants to come and listen to the show what's your kind of favorite episode or what is the sort of main content that you talk about on the show that's really interesting for people to come and check out?

It could just be a general theme of what you talk about. My

favorite episode is actually with someone that you and I both know well way hung. So he did, Oops. My, my podcast just started playing. Okay. We did an episode together that I need to find the name because it's not popping up at the top of my head.

But it was a really, it was a really good, like reframe triggers or opportunities. So that's episode 21. That is one of my favorite upper episodes. You and I both know a lot about what Wade does and that like we, we have a big discussion. Why like so many people can be opposed to, I don't even want a three day work week.

But why is it important to get there so that then you can reframe everything and make more choices that are more in alignment with what you really want? You're not making choices based on things you have to do.

Love it. Super important. So kate waldo co.com you said was the,

Yes, it's A N D C O. Yeah, Waldo like where's Waldo

kate waldo com. Kate waldo and co.com. Let me go. Lemme say that a little slower so I don't get it wrong there. . Yeah. So guys, we don't know there, I'm sure you can find the podcast, the different episodes and everything that you want from that. Kate, thank you so much for coming on the podcast. Super fun to have you on.

Always great to reconnect and chat and we'll hopefully have you on an episode in the future.

Yes, thank you for having me. It's always a fun time.



Always cheering you on,


Creator of the Smarter Not Harder: 3-Day Workweeks for Millennial Entrepreneurs©  Program

Owner + Founder, Kate Waldo + Co. 

P.S. Curious how you can grow your 6-figure business while slashing your workweek in half? Click here to learn about the Smarter Not Harder© program!


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