Moving Forward vs. Catching Up: What That Means & How We Move Past It

Mar 18, 2020

We recently moved from Savannah, Georgia to New York City (the day after Christmas, to be exact!) and it took longer than I expected to get the apartment in order.

I’m not complaining about this, it was a really great experience, but after selling all of our furniture from our home in Savannah and that meant having to buy all new furniture. Mattresses, desks, couches, everything.

Because of this, it took a long time to get everything together and it’s still not done, but it’s coming together.

It’s only been a little less than a month since we moved, but as a professional organizer, I have very high expectations of how quickly I can get something done and put together. Since the moving process and getting sorted at our apartment is taking longer than I wanted it to, I was really beating myself up.

As I worked through getting our apartment in order, I also started feeling really guilty about not having a regular routine. I’m sure this is a regular feeling, especially coming off the holidays where you have so much going on.

Why You Don’t Need to Catch Up

I recently spoke with my coach about this guilt I was experiencing and he reminded me that if we constantly play this game of “catching up,” we’ll never move forward.

So, when you start feeling like you're constantly working on catching up, take a second, and take the steps you need to take in order to move forward.

By giving yourself a break, you’re also helping yourself move forward.

This is okay.

It’s a big mindset shift and a reminder that even baby steps push you in the right direction. Sometimes you just need someone to say “You’re doing fine, just keep moving forward.”

The Benefits of Having Systems in Place

In all honesty, when we were transitioning from Savannah to New York City and I was working on getting our new home in order, I was in a “catching up” mindset but in reality, I didn’t have to catch up that much.

This is because of all of the systems that I have in place for how I run my business, how I run my blog, how I keep my emails running, and how I connect with all of you on a normal basis.

Having all of that organization and all of those things systemized, I really wasn’t as behind as I thought I was.

Telling ourselves these stories in our heads of what these other people are doing better than us and we’re behind and we need to catch up is not true. We don’t have to be going at all times.

By having organization and systems in place, you are keeping things going and running in the background, even when you need a break.

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