How To Avoid Wasting Time

Dec 09, 2020

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes I Did!

Today, I didn’t take my own advice and ended up wasting half of the day, I wasn’t productive, and I didn’t complete the tasks I set out to do.

I always follow the Top Three Method, which I teach in the Blog Profit Accelerator Program.

It’s all about:

  • Deciding which tasks you are going to do each day
  • What are your top projects for the week
  • What’s the most important that’s going to contribute to your bottom line

So here’s what I did. I did the tasks I intended to do today that were meant to contribute to the bottom line.

But then I kept working.

This might sound crazy, but after I checked off the tasks that contribute to my bottom line, I kept doing other things. I used the rainy day as an excuse to sit at my computer and work.

But I didn’t actually get anything done.

I talk a lot about three hour work days and I find that if I work more than that, I’m just filling my time with stuff and nothing actually works or makes sense.

How Our Brains Work

After a certain point, our brains get overwhelmed with switching tasks and trying to re-adjust to a different project.

My issue was that I completed the projects I intended to complete for the day but then I went and switched context multiple times, and it was a total waste of time.

I did a little bit of a lot of things, and got nothing done.

What to Learn from My Mistake

Use your time wisely.

Being really concentrated on the projects that are making an impact on the bottom line of your business and are bringing you income.

And then leave it and go do something else.

If you give yourself less time to get work done, you’ll get it done faster than if you were to give yourself more time.

In order to make that happen, you need to have systems and processes in place, but when you have it all in place, you can work two or three hours a day.

Always cheering you on,


Creator of the Smarter Not Harder: 3-Day Workweeks for Millennial Entrepreneurs©  Program

Owner + Founder, Kate Waldo + Co. 

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