How Are Bloggers and Professional Athletes Alike?

Nov 11, 2020

This might sound like an odd comparison, but stick with me!

Today we’re going to discuss professional athletes and their similarities! While this might seem like it’s out of left field, I promise it’s not!

There are a lot of similarities in what professional athletes do in their life and how you can bring that into your blogging businesses in order to perform at an optimal level.

Let’s start simple: What in the world do professional athletes and bloggers have to do with one another?

I had recently been beating myself up a lot for how much I’ve been sleeping and that I’ve needed more rest than normal.

I came to this realization that the reason I needed more sleep was because I’ve been doing a lot more work mentally to level up my business and personal life.

Just like a little kid, when your brain is developing you need more sleep and more rest, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about this! Instead, you work around it to make it work in your lifestyle.

How Do Professional Athletes Relate to Bloggers?

If you think about professional athletes, why do they get paid so much money? It’s because their body is performing and they are able to create an instrument.

For athletes, it's their body. For bloggers, it’s their creativity.

Let’s take professional soccer player Alex Morgan as an example. She probably isn’t waking up in the morning, eating donuts for breakfast, hanging out with friends, and having mimosas at brunch and then expecting to play her best at a soccer game the next day.

There’s nothing wrong with these things, but I bet she has a specific schedule she follows and specific boxes she has to check off in order to perform at an optimal level when her body is the thing that she’s getting paid for.

How Do We Loop These Lessons Back Into Us, As Bloggers?

When you have systems and a method for how you are doing things on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, you are able to perform at an optimal level.

If you do not have this structure in your life and in your business, you’re not able to perform at an optimal level.

What Does Optimal Level Mean?

When we say “optimal level,” we mean operating within your zone of genius and for you, it probably means creating content, whatever that means for you.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What are your favorite types of content to create?
  • What is your zone of genius?
  • What is your one thing that you’re really good at that people pay you for, and people come to your page and follow you for?

Structure in Your Life

When you’re filling your cup, you have those routines and you have that structure to make sure you’re staying in that groove of being really clear headed, creative, thinking outside of the box.

All of those things come with structure.

Structure does not mean you can’t have fun. You can definitely have fun. Structure actually makes it easier for you to have fun when you know you’ve got a structure of:

  • The things you need to check off every day.
  • The things that contribute to the bottom line of making profit in your business and turning up the dial on that profit.
  • The things that need to get done and need to be completed first.

Why is this Important?

By creating systems around all of the parts of your business that are not always fun and enjoyable, you’re able to make sure your business runs smoothly so you have the extra time to focus on the aspects of your business that you love.

As a professional athlete in your business, you are showing up to practice on time.

You are getting the food that your body needs.

You are working on your mindset so you are in it 100%.

You create systems and you invest the time and energy to set that up around you, so it becomes clockwork.

If you treat your brain like a professional athlete treats their body, you will be extremely successful.

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