Accounting Tips for Blogging Businesses

Jan 05, 2021

After working at a traditional CPA firm and realizing it wasn’t for her, Amy Northard set out with a goal to work with clients and teammates who inspire her on a daily basis.

That’s when Amy started The Accountant for Creatives®. Amy Northard, CPA (Certified Public Accountant) specializes in working with creative small business owners to make taxes and bookkeeping less stressful. 

With a passion for helping small business owners wade through all the financial things it takes to start and operate a business, Amy handles the accounting side of things so her clients can focus on their craft. 

In addition to preparing tax returns and bookkeeping for her client all over the United States, Amy also enjoys teaching small business financial basics through her online course, Be Your Own CFO.

Amy's Top 3 Tips for Bloggers:

1. Find an accountant that understands what blogging is and how you make money. Outsource your tax preparation as soon as you can afford it but hold off on outsourcing your bookkeeping until you're making a profit of at least about $30,000 or more.

2. Treat your blog like a business from day 1. Get separate checking accounts, don't use your business PayPal for personal purchases, and track your income and expenses regularly so you can set goals.

3. Consider making the switch to an S-corporation once your net profit (income after expenses) is near or above $50,000. Work with an accountant to make sure you understand the implications and what's involved with this change and you could reap thousands in tax savings.

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