EP44: A Season of Hibernation in Business

Reflections on a Year of Transformation and Simplification

In this welcome-back episode of the 3 Day Workweeks Podcast, I’m excited to catch up with you after a bit of a break. I chat about selling my organizing business, Orchid Organizing, and all the positive changes that came with it. I also share some personal highlights, like getting married in Italy and my COVID-19 journey. Plus, I dive into my role in my husband’s safety business, Heartbeat Safety. Throughout, I talk about why it’s so important to simplify life, stay present, and roll with the changes.

00:00 Welcome Back to the Podcast!

01:06 Reflecting on a Year of Change

01:45 Selling My Business: An Emotional Journey

04:35 A Whirlwind Wedding in Italy

06:09 Battling COVID and Long Recovery

08:09 Exploring New Business Ventures

10:34 Embracing Change and Simplification

13:37 Connecting with You: Listener Engagement

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