EP32: How to Avoid Burnout as a Professional Organizer

In this episode, we chat about How to Avoid Burnout as a Professional Organizer: Simple Steps to Maintain Your Health and Well-being as well as Kate's journey from unhappy corporate girlie to 3-day workweek entrepreneur. 

I started my organizing business out of necessity and it has since grown to multiple locations across the US with a team of over 10 people. I have refined my processes and can now run the business in just 4 hours per week. My focus has been on creating a system that is duplicable, which allows me to scale the business and impact more lives through my team, my clients, and other Pro Organizers like YOU!

Resources mentioned in the episode:

The Pro Organizer Success Kit: https://www.katewaldoandco.com/posuccesskit 

Inspired Organizer Program: https://www.inspiredorganizer.com/a/2147486545/xFuRYrDr  

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