EP28: Monetizing Your Podcast in a Systematic Way with Jamie Atkinson, 6 Figure Podcast Rebels

Learn how to monetize your podcast in a systematic way with my guest, Jamie Atkinson, business owner of 6 Figure Podcast Rebels.

Jamie runs a podcast coaching company, helping six and seven figure business owners who sell high ticket products start to generate and book more sales calls via podcasting.

He takes us through how he became a podcast coach, the process he takes his clients through, and the goal of the 3 day workweek.


In this episode we talk about:

[00:00] Intro

[01:10] Who Jamie is and how he runs his business

[03:54] How to scale automations AND human interaction

[06:43] How Jamie got started in this career

[12:06] Why Jamie started podcasting

[17:18] What’s different about podcasting as a sales method and the type of business owners that can use it

[19:15] How to start monetizing your podcast right away

[23:42] The steps to ‘podcast closing’ for guests

[29:46] The steps Jamie takes his clients through


Resources mentioned in episode:

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