Work From Home: How to Organize Your Office

Jul 15, 2020

Inside: How to organize your entire home office in 5 easy steps!

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Home offices are my favorite thing to search on Pinterest! I love getting inspiration for how to rearrange my office space and organize it even better. 

Photography by Teresa Earnest Social. 

Working from home is common for some full-time bloggers and influencers and it makes work so much more fun when you can work from a clutter-free, organized space! 

Now, more than ever, you want to have a work-from-home space that is organized so that you can be focused and efficient

How to Organize Your Home Office:

The Goal: Clear the clutter from all surfaces in your office space. 

  1. Throw away all trash and unneeded packaging. 
  2. Group like items together.
  3. Make sure everything has a "home."
  4. Use baskets and bins to keep items contained. 
  5. At the end of each workday, put everything back in its "home" to reset for the next day! 

The Best Organizing Products for Your Home Office:


Your home office should show off your style and inspire you to create even more incredible content.

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