When to Do It Yourself and When to Hire Someone Else

Apr 03, 2019

Hey friend,

As an entrepreneur, we only have 24 hours in a day but we somehow have to-do lists that could keep us busy for a century. Typically, you’re the influencer, blogger, business owner, marketer, and tax-doer, etc. You wear SO many hats.

Eventually this gets overwhelming, so you wave the white flag and ask for help. And you 100% should ask for help. We can’t do this all alone. In fact, your business will not grow if you do it all alone. You’re one person and you are highly skilled in some areas of business and not at all in others. Do you think LaCroix grew to what it is now with a one-woman show? Nope. They have a team of experts and you should, too.

So we come to the question, “When should I do it myself and when should I hire someone?”

The answer isn’t cut and dry - it depends. I know, I know I hate that response. But seriously, it depends. This is what I’ve learned from hiring out jobs, offloading my whole life onto a virtual assistant (VA) and then realizing I went about it all wrong… you MUST lay the foundation before you can have someone else handle it for you. Which, after all, is the ultimate goal - having someone else do the “doing” for you.

How do you lay the foundation?

If you know what you want, but not how to get there hire someone to help you create that foundation. BUT you absolutely have to work alongside them. Otherwise you’re trapped. Imagine you wanted to start a blog so you hire a firm to create your website, set up an email address and format a newsletter. Done!

Ok, so now you want to edit a piece of the website because it’s not formatted the way you want but you can’t because you don’t know how and if you did it yourself you’d screw up the entire site. You have to bring that firm back in to “fix” it for you. But now you’re just back at square one and out of more $$. No bueno.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Ok, cool. Point is, when you hire someone to help you in your business, make sure they are teaching you how to do it, not just doing it for you. I firmly believe in this. That’s why I created the Organized Influencer Academy. I have so many people to ask me to just organize their influencer businesses for them but I knew I’d continue to leave these women powerless unless they knew how to do it for themselves. Lay the foundation for your business (with a helping hand), have a vision for what you want and where it’s going, and then you’ll be ready to pass on those low-level tasks to someone else.

You can do this, I promise. You are so much more capable than you think.



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