What Creators Should Be Avoiding in 2021

Feb 16, 2021

After working with hundreds of business owners, influencers, and bloggers, it’s become second nature to Katherine McDermott of Kalypso App to pinpoint the reasons why certain creators grow and succeed, while other don’t. 

If you’ve been wondering what you’re doing wrong in your blogging business, Katherine’s latest article, 3 Landmines Creators Should Avoid in 2021, is a must-read. From things that could hinder your efforts to grow to what you should be focusing on instead so you can grow and have a successful blogging business.

Giving Attention to Mundane Tasks

One of the points Katherine touches on is paying too much attention to mundane tasks, which is where Kate Waldo + Co. comes in!

Bloggers and influencers wear all sorts of hats when it comes to their businesses and with that comes admin-related tasks. Whether it’s making site updates, working on graphic design, or prepping to pitch brands, we guarantee you’re spending much more time on these tasks than you need to. 

The downside to this? It stops the revenue from flowing. 

Read the full article to see how spending too much time on admin-related tasks can hurt your business and what you can do instead to help grow your blogging business. 

Read the full article here.

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