Swipe Up Podcast - Organizing as an Influencer with Kate Waldo + Co.

Mar 05, 2019

Hey there!

As an influencer, you bring value to your followers by the content you provide. Do you ever feel like you're held back from creating all this valuable content for your readers because you are overwhelmed by #allthethings you have to do? 

I had the opportunity to sit down with Katherine McDermott, the influencer PR maven of Slightly Savvy, to record an episode of Swipe Up to talk about this very thing! Swipe Up is podcast that provides an influencer's sneak peek into the PR world. 

Our conversation covers:

  • Organizing your physical products as an influencer
  • Tackling digital clutter + organization 
  • Outsourcing as an influencer

Head on over to Swipe Up to hear the full convo! Episode 026: Organizing as an Influencer with Kate Waldo + Co.


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