Pinterest: 3 Ways Bloggers Can Maximize Their Reach

Dec 07, 2020

After becoming increasingly frustrated with social media and how little traffic it drove to her wedding blog, especially with all of the time she was spending on them, Kayla turned to Pinterest. 

Overtime, Kayla was able to increase her traffic from 50 views per day to 1,500 views per day. And this is consistent, not just with on viral pin!

As a Pinterest Strategist, Kayla Watkins now helps other bloggers and creatives make Pinterest their number one traffic driver. 

Are you ready to maximize your blog’s reach and step up your Pinterest game?

Kayla's Top 3 Tips for Bloggers

1. Add your blog type to your Pinterest profile name.

2. Niche down boards (and don't make the board names cutesy).

3. Create custom graphics for your blog posts.

Now that you have Kayla's top 3 tips, it's time to implement them on your blog! Use the link below to get access to her FREE guide to mastering Pinterest SEO so you can start seeing an increase in traffic to your blog.

✨ Free Guide to Mastering Pinterest SEO:

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