Why You Should Turn Off Your Phone Notifications

Apr 24, 2019

You Should Turn Off Your Phone's Notifications. Say what?!?!

Yep. Turn them off.

As a blogger and influencer, you are an entrepreneur and your time is very valuable.

About a year ago, I read a book (4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris) and it totally changed the game for me and my business.

In this book, Tim teaches you to turn off your notifications and only check your email once maybe twice a day. Can you believe that crazy man?!

Photography by Teresa Earnest Social.

He had a point.

It’s a major distraction to have all of those notifications popping up all the time. I never really thought about how much time I spent obsessively checking my email, Instagram, Facebook (I don’t even really like Facebook), Poshmark, Pinterest, and email again. That “ding” still gives me mini heart palpitations. Dramatic, I know, but I’m just being honest.

So, I gave it a try and turned off all notifications.

I turned off everything except Instagram because that’s you all like to contact me most often. No screen alerts. No more red bubbles on my phone apps. Oh my gosh, it was so freeing!

If someone really needed me, they’d call or text.

My inbox could wait until I was prepared to sit down at my laptop to sort, file, and reply to emails. I’ve never really been a very good iPhone emailer anyway. I highly encourage you to do the same; it’s amazing how much more focused and less stressed you are when you don’t have all of those notifications calling out for your attention. I also recommend putting your laptop notifications on do-not-disturb.

Give it a try.

I have a sneaky feeling that you’re going to really enjoy the no-notification lifestyle. Plus, if you hate it, you can always turn them back on! But I bet you won't. 



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