Start & Build the Foundation for a Team of Organizers


Hey Pro Organizer, I'm Kate!

Like you, I had dreams of building a team for my professional organizing business, but I had NO idea where to start...

I wanted to have the flexibility to take on bigger projects, work in teams, and make sure that I didn't totally burn myself out.



Can I let you in on a really BIG secret? 

Building a team is actually not that complicated and I'll show you how simple it can be!


Teams for Pro Organizers: 101


the kind of team you want and bringing it to life.



interview, hire and work with team members like a seasoned pro.


your business's capabilities and your organizing income by up to 155%!


If you've dreamed about building a team


 for your professional organizing business, but you have no earthly idea where to start...

Or you realize that you're starting to burn out on client sessions doing all the work alone...

Or you wish you had access to an expert professional organizer with thousands of hours of experience and teams operating in 3 separate cities...

You've come to the right place! 

Teams for Pro Organizers: 101 will give you the knowledge and clarity to hire and build out your organizing team all with the confidence that you are providing the absolute BEST customer experience for your clients...


All while making up to 155% more revenue doing the same work you're already doing.


Teams for Pro Organizers: 101 Includes: 

  • Proven, easy-to-implement systems for identifying the kind of team that you want and bringing it to life.
  • The exact steps to finding, interviewing, hiring, and working with team members as a professional organizer.
  • Practical knowledge and advice on how to manage the business side and the hands-on organizing side of working with team members.


You Asked, We Listened



Ooo, tell me more!


This course has been able to help pro organizers increase their revenue by as much as 155% or more!

This is the EXACT system we currently use in my Professional Organizing business, Orchid Organizing, which services organizing clients in 3 separate cities across the country.


And the BEST part?!

It is SO simple. Literally, any Pro Organizer, at any stage of their business can follow this simple system.

Join Teams for Pro Organizers: 101 

$5,000+ VALUE for ONLY $249 USD


What Successful Pro Organizers Ask Before Joining Teams for Pro Organizers: 101:

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