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Expedite your GROWTH and WELL-BEING by partnering one-on-one with Kate Waldo

So I know what you might be thinking right now…

I'm super pumped about getting organized with this Smarter Not Harder Program© and...

I want a little bit more high-touch help so that:

  1. I’m implementing all these things right away 

  2. I don’t get distracted or fall off the wagon 

  3. Kate can help me customize everything for my business

Now, partnering on LIVE 1:1 Consulting isn't for everyone. 

Some can run with the course material while others appreciate the deeper dive of 1:1 and value discipline, accountability, and customization. [Scroll down and check the box that says "Yes! Add Application to 1:1 Consulting with Kate"]

From my own experience, nothing beats live interaction especially when it comes to 1:1 work. 

What you learn in The Smarter Not Harder Program© (just the course) are the fundamentals that you must have to reach that 3-day work week.

However, 1:1 Consulting with Kate allows you to shorten the time it takes to lay the foundation while tweaking and optimizing each system for your unique way of growing your business.

Let’s face it, everyone is different - this is why we believe 1:1 is a necessary add-on for those that want to get to their goals sooner rather than later. 

Working with Kate 1:1 also gives you the first right-of-refusal to our exclusive Kate Waldo + Co. In-Person Retreats. Our next Retreat is in October 2022 in Pensacola, FL. If the Retreat spots fill up from our private consulting group, that's it! The public won't even get access. 

So if working SMARTER not HARDER, SOONER rather than LATER is what you want, scroll down and check the box that says "Yes! Add Application to 1:1 Consulting with Kate"


Adding this to your cart gets you access to submit an application to 1:1 Consulting with Kate. 

Once you hit "purchase" you'll be directed to an application page. This application will allow you to schedule a 1:1 call with Kate to discuss your goals. 

On this call, we will determine if 1:1 Consulting with Kate is a good fit for both you and Kate.

If the answer is "yes" - Woohoo! We can't wait to work together! On the call, you will talk about your goals and complete the remaining $2,500 payment for your 6 months of consulting with Kate.

If the answer is "not right now" your $500 deposit will be refunded in full and we will connect again when the timing is better.

Let's work SMARTER not HARDER!


Kate and The Kate Waldo + Co. Team


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Smarter Not Harder: 3-Day Workweeks for Millennial Entrepreneurs©

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 The Smarter Not Harder System©

will give you the knowledge and clarity to grow, and scale your business with the confidence that you are providing the absolute BEST customer experience for your clients...

All while making up to 155% more revenue & scaling your 6-Figure Business doing the LESS work.  



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